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Resveratrol has an anti-AIDS role

AIDS is a contagious disease caused by HIV. The drug zidovudine therapy, inosine dideoksy cannot completely kill the HIV virus. And they are poisonous and expensive.

The extraction of anti-HIV drugs from traditional Chinese medicine has been the focus of various research countries in recent years.

Resveratrol and Cancer

The results showed that the high-dose group resveratrol inhibited splenomegaly (p <0.05) and thymic atrophy (p <0.01) mouse models. It increases the peripheral blood cd3 +, cd4’s +, cd8 + t lymphocyte subset level, normal control group CD4’s + cell count 47, control group cd4’s + cell count 15.53, resveratrol cd4’s high dose group + 30.96 cell counts, resveratrol in the low-dose cd4’s group + 22.44 cell counts, the alcohol group and the control group for the CD4’s + cell counts were significant differences (p <0.01 or p <0.5). However, peripheral white blood cells and red blood cell counts had no significant impact. The description of resveratrol di vivo anti-mouse HIV.

Resveratrol is a traditional Chinese medicine monomer. Previous research found that it has antioxidants, free radical scavenging, anti-tumor, cardiovascular, liver and other protective effects. In recent years, people have also found it has antiviral activity, especially alcohol and its metabolite resveratrol glucose in vitro studies have found that anti-HIV activity and even increase the role of existing anti-HIV drugs, but its antiviral effect in vivo and mechanisms has not been reported. Anti-HIV drugs in vivo studies using the AIDS helper mouse model were relatively simple and practical, for researchers to introduce the flv virus copy helper mouse model. FLV and HIV belonging to retroviridae, can simulate the characteristics of human AIDS symptoms, a model aid used for screening evaluation of anti-HIV drugs, vaccines, such as the clinical use of azt, ddi, dideoxy cytidine (ddc) and other drugs is a FLV model study in mice confirm its efficacy and a model for pathogenesis study aid.

Topical use of resveratrol

Experimental results showed that mice with body weight per kilogram using 20 mg of oral resveratrol could inhibit flv caused by splenomegaly. The spleen of the chia seed is the main target organ of the virus. Flv mice infected with spleen weight can be used to measure the viral load. So the drug’s ability to suppress the virus and the spleen index become intuitive and reliable indicators. The spleen has rich lymphocytes and macrophages. They are involved in the immune response to humor in the experiment. Resveratrol can inhibit splenomegaly suggesting that it not only has an anti-flv vivo role but can also increase the role of humor immune function. From the experimental results of immunological parameters, the effect of resveratrol on cellular immune regulation, immune dysfunction caused by retrovirus is very significant. This suggests that the drug can improve immune function, inhibit the immune deficiency caused by flv. It is a better immunomodulator. Scientists believe that resveratrol can treat mice with AIDS.

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