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AIDS: What exactly is AIDS and how can it be prevented?

AIDS otherwise known as “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” is a life-threatening disease that kills both adults and children every day. It has devastating and currently unhealthy consequences making things even more terrifying and shocking.

AIDS is an immune system disease caused by HIV that is otherwise known as the “human immunodeficiency virus”. An HIV diagnosis can be devastating news for anyone. This condition is prolonged and takes time to weaken the immune system making sufferers susceptible to other illnesses such as the common cold, which due to the weakened immune system of AIDS sufferers can be deadly. A person who has AIDS or HIV is also more susceptible to tumors which means regular check-ups are required after diagnosis, leading to a life of hospital appointments.

How Do You Prevent HIV / AIDS?

HIV can be transmitted through full contact with mucous membranes, such as the mouth, lips and genitals and can also be transmitted through full contact with infected body fluids. These fluids can flow with blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk which means that HIV and AIDS can be passed on to the child throughout pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. This fluid contact can occur across different activities including anal, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusions or the exchange of infected needles, which are usually more associated with drug use.

AIDS symptoms often lie dormant until the disease is in a more advanced stage which means that an AIDS diagnosis can be more devastating when the remaining time is short. People with AIDS have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer in women and immune system cancers such as lymphoma. AIDS at a more advanced stage comes with symptoms such as fever, sweat, swollen glands and weakness. Weight loss is also a common symptom of AIDS sufferers. AIDS sufferers are also more susceptible to pneumonia as well because of a weakened immune system. AIDS is truly a life-destroying disease for everyone involved.

Since there is no cure for AIDS, the best way to reduce its spread and stop other people getting it is with prevention methods. Some of these methods include safe, responsible sex and using condoms. Sexual intercourse is one of the main causes of AIDS transmission and condoms can save lives. It is evident that unprotected sex is responsible for the worldwide AIDS pandemic. Male or female condoms are sufficient.

What exactly is AIDS and how can it be prevented?

People who work in the health care industry can also do little to stop the transmission of AIDS and HIV by following precautions and using appropriate safety equipment to keep the disease from spreading. Also, it has now been said that mothers suffering from HIV or AIDS should avoid breastfeeding their child to prevent the child from contracting the disease too. This is what any reasonable parent would do for their child if they knew it could save their life.

Overall, AIDS is a life-destroying disease and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. But prevention is so simple that people don’t have to die every day from this disease. AIDS doesn’t just affect one person; spreads like wildfire and can affect thousands. So think about it, and use precautions so that you don’t become sufferers either.

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